True Evil

“True evil has a face you know and a voice you trust.”
“The tiniest movements are so detailed, but the biggest movements are what matters. Like a willow flows gracefully dances in the wind, I don’t but try to stay grounded.”he said to me in a spine-shivering whisper. I tried to deny looking at him, but it was just too tempting like a Greek monster I once read about in a book long ago. Most fear him, but they don’t know he’s unbalanced.
It all started when I was knelt down and my hands crossed trying to be respectful visually, but on the inside, I was just staring into space thinking of what would happen next in the book that had so many pages, it seemed it would never end. I tried to stay focused, but it was too hard when I kept shivering. At this point, I felt like I could just quietly tip toe out because it was so cold. Then was one of those moments where you’ll have flashback of your childhood when your mother would always remind you to always bring a sweater. Apparently, I still need a reminder. Anyways, I’m going off track with the story, for I don’t have much time.
As I was close to dead cold, a peculiar figure was gazing upon me with a beaded necklace in his hand. He looked at me with sympathy as if he could, read thoughts. But he looked confused as if I were a book that was too complicated for him to ascertain. After a while, he slowly moved from his seat, walked up toe and said, “Here.” He had given me three Hail Marys, but I didn’t know what to pray about. When I looked up to tell him the truth, he was gone. How strange, I thought. Who would just, leave without saying goodbye? Though, I might as well get used to it, for it was the second time that week.
It was now almost over so I headed up to the altar, shedding just one tear, though I wish I shed more, but just one came from my eyes. This was good-bye forever. When I reached the altar, I turned around to see everyone. Fourteen. That’s all who came. My heart had to open up for once and this was the perfect time. I walked to the left up to her trying to speak. “Good bye Mother.”, was all I could get put of me. She would’ve been proud of me though.
When the candles were blown put, it was time to leave. So I slowly gathered up my belongings I brought and headed down the aisle to the doors until a grimy hand covered my mouth and pulled me down to an unspeakable land.
When I could finally see, I saw a very familiar face. It was the man who gave me three Hail Marys. “ Always say your prayers before you go to bed. , he said with dark eyes looking right a at me and he’ll be back if I ever forget; for now I don’t have a mother to remind me anymore.


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