Always Lost, But Never Found

It was cold and heartless. I couldn’t see anything except my breath; but I knew I wasn’t alone. I felt her breath itch my nose as I tried to stay silent and still. She knew I was there; and at her last breath, she gasped out her last and final words: “Off with her head”. But no one heard her…

Her crown lay on the tiled floor full of blood and sorrow; was never seen or remembered ever again, until now. It lies in every soul full of vain and cruelty and follows you like a guardian devil tempting each and every one of you. She looks into your eyes to this day, but no one ever stops to realize the evilness reflecting upon our blinded eyes.

I ducked down low and crawled through an opening that lead to the worst place possible in their perspective, but simply paradise to ours. Though it cannot deceive you, a true heart will conquer one but misplace their mind. Though it seems foolish, no one could ever suffer as much as he with roof resting upon his head as it sits day after day wondering when the souls will come and release itself from 10/6, from the kettle of tea he never drinks, and the eyes that look, but never see.

“I have absolutely no idea.” were the last words he ever said to me and I never saw him again. It was like he said good-bye, but he never said it was forever. No matter how much you mourn, it doesn’t always work as magic does. Even when magic lives, it knows, but denies your wishes. That’s why we’re not perfect.

I still remember his expression as serious as a funeral for the most beloved child resting in her new forever small home, but as exotic as a mourning full of happiness. The biggest things seem so small when you have it, until you lose it; when it’s too late. I miss my friend, but at the moment, magic is laughing and mocking me as the clock ticks and ticks and ticks until it drives you into a ditch full of insanity and pandemonium.

I continued past the garden of flowers and wondered if I’d ever fit in. Eyes as dark as night, you could see right through them. Finding the smile was harder than it was. His perplexing words displeased many, but not everyone. Finding comfort was difficult, but not impossible, for there is always a crack. That’s how the light gets in. Though his tale was much too cunning; so I continued to carry on my way down the spotted path never looking back. But he was always looking. Forward, backward, up, down, and many other points of view that may not even exist. Like a shadow, he was always watching you.

As I stumbled upon a figure that mesmerized me, but I seemed not to care until one bit of me was in curiosity. Nevermore as a reflection’s lonely eyes be still, two figures are in no doubt a worry, for they are your reflection. A replica known as myself. Thier beady eyes on  the other side, stare right through you and nothing more but a lonely soul. A weeping sorrowful replica. Nothing more. You wonder; you wonder if they’ll ever look away before you do. But it’s always the same until you lose interest and carry on strolling through the forest of unforgotten trees.

  When lost, you’ll one day be found if you keep your head as you await for his wise words to lead you back home before his dimensions change. As you sing an unchanted song when you doze off into a midnight sleep. When you really feel you’re home.


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