Will We Ever Find It?

Nothing. Such a strange word that hardly any living soul thinks about. Where there isn’t anything. Where you can start over. And try again until you fall into the darkness where there literally isn’t anything, but it’s everywhere, confusing you to think “Isn’t nothing always something?” Though it is almost pointless to try to go deeper into that black hole for we are all destined to never find it and just wither up like a blossoming flower’s petal lushing in the sunshine until he comes.

Never underestimate or criticize him for he has no choice and it is just his job. Many people don’t understand, but he lives within nothing. He romes the earth looking for people to try and interest him in hopes that one of these souls will allow him to remember his days of freedom.

Imagine the universe full of billions of stars. All the same with no difference in them, but out in the distance, is a burning meteorite soaring as if it had wings of fire passing everyone. It isn’t as elegant as everything else, but it still has inner worth and value. It is said almost enough to cover a voice of a life time to not judge a book by its cover. But we do judge the words by its cover. Many times.

Imagine a world without that meteorite. Just the stars. Nothing else. Where everything is the same. No winners. No losers. No judgments…

The truth is that we will never find it, but we all have a purpose and aren’t all just destined to die in the darkness of our world.


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