The Man With the Broken Heart 💔

It was a dark and dreary day when I was walking along the streets towards Café Salmonella with an umbrella over my head, for I didn’t want to get wet. I recall that I was reciting a poem that I had come up with along the way. Just then, I had stumbled upon a curious wonder, for it was an alley that had a combination of aromas. When I entered it, I smelled a mixture of sorrow and sand , but as I continued my walk through the alley, the aroma changed for it to smell as if I were in a jungle full of reptiles; but there was more. Next, I smelled an old lake full of dead fish and only leeches. A couple more series of aromas continued toward my nose until I reached to a painted symbol of an eyeball at the end of the alley. Below it were three mysterious, confusing, simple words: darling, dearest, dead. I ran my fingers along those three words and finally said them in a whispered hush. I closed my eyes and wondered for a moment why this was happening. Had I gone mad? First I smell 13 aromas in an alley, find a symbol of an eye which I swore had blinked before mine and then see three words below, that all started with “d”. Maybe it was a dream or a vision or a hallucination. Either way, I had no choice to get out of this maze so I was best off enjoy it anyways.

When I opened my eyes I experienced a whole new different setting.  It was chilly, but when I looked down, I saw tiny damp minerals running through my toes as I slightly sunk in. When looking around to view my surroundings, I encountered the sight of three miserable looking souls. The first one that caught my eyes, had a very unusual energy, smelled like lavender, and had calloused fingers as if she was building something. The next spirit seemed to be the most gloomy. I recall he had a book in his hand that said something about marriage rules; and lastly, I came upon a personality so pure and innocent, it was as alluring as a morning glory blooming in early spring.

Just then, they all walked towards a yellow convertible ready to take off to a dreadful place that no one would ever dare to mention. When they approached the deadly chamber, a tall skinny man with black and white striped pants came upon them. There was something extraordinarily curious about this man, for he had a smile as big as a yellow banana.

As the hallucination continued, I discovered that the fruit smiling character was not just unusual but a very insecure man who was full of hatred and revenge; so as a solution he used the greed of money to make himself feel satisfied with his life.

After that, I realized that I was here to try and change that, but unfortunately, I never did for a stubborn heart as strong as this one, may never be healed, for no one has known if this man ever had the tiny bit of love in his heart, but if you ask for a theory, I would say that he was just another normal human being and just had a broken heart.

When I continued towards the café, I finally said my poems based on the friends I made through the actions of my life:

  1. “Why not” is a slogan for a very interesting life.
  2. It’s extraordinary how extraordinary the ordinary person is.
  3. Personality is everything in art and poetry.

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