The Unexpected Journey

It was an ordinary day when I was sitting in my library reading my favorite book The Theory Of Everything. It was quite chilly in there when I entered it an hour ago, so I turned on the heater. However, after a while, the library became so hot, I felt as if I were in a 400 degree oven. Therefore, I turned off the heater and the room slowly became an icebox again. Determined not to move I decided to just stay as cold as a penguin with a blanket while sitting in my dusty chair, for I always misplace my duster.

I was halfway through my book reading non-stop so much that I didn’t even have dinner the night before or breakfast which was why I was in the library trying to keep my nose away from the delicious aroma of waffles, blueberry muffins, eggs and bacon. But now as I recall I wasn’t in the library just to keep me from eating breakfast for I am pretty sure if I were in my livingroom I wouldn’t have smelled the food. I was also in the library because there were so many distractions: first of all there was a wall clock above my fireplace, that made an awful ticking noise; it annoys me all day. If it weren’t for my birthday, I would have never had to listen to it, but I had received it as a gift from my most generous Aunt Elizabeth and didn’t want to be rude. Another annoying sound was my determined little black cat who kept knocking things down trying to catch  a mouse. I had tried to lock her in her cage, but then she kept meowing which was even more annoying; and that’s how I ended up in the library.

Just then, my telephone started ringing; when I answered it, I realized it was my most trustworthy allie, Simon. He said he was at the front door; so I quickly exited the library through the only way out; a secret passage-way. I easily pulled out a book called War and Peace and one of the bookshelves turned sideways leading me right back to the living room having me to hear the irritating clock again; so I covered my ears and ran to the door. When I opened it I could hardly see Simon for he had ran into the house faster than a cheetah hunting its prey.

When I finally got a look at him, he was whiter than flour. It had gave me such a fright, for I could hardly recognize him. I asked him why he was so pale. He said that it was so cold outside that polar bears were wearing jackets; I looked outside and saw unassembled snowmen waiting for joyful children to come and give them a treatment of reincarnation. After a few seconds, I turned back to Simon and asked why he had come to visit. He said he had gotten a telegram from Mr. Max Watson saying he wanted to see us both at 2:30 sharp for a private meeting at his secret lair. I looked at Simon bewildered for a couple of moments wondering how to respond and finally decided to start with a very simple necessary question.

“Who is Max Watson?”

“There is no time to explain any questions right now,” Simon said as he checked his pocket watch, “We now have exactly 20 minutes to get across town or you will be sued for everything you own. However, lucky for you, I know a shortcut that’s right below us.”

He walked into my piano room and started playing one of the first songs I had learned on the piano when I was a young thing, Heart and Soul and in an instant one of the floor tiles flew open revealing an old fashioned buggy.  This time I was eager to ask him how he knew that secret passage-way, for I didn’t even know about it, but it was no use to ask, for as he had said earlier, there is no time to explain.

“This is a bullet train disguised as a buggy from the late nineteen hundreds, so hold on tight.” said Simon

As I got in, the bullet train had immediately taken off, but in approximately 15 seconds the train broke down like a dead dog. Simon quickly fixed up the problem and scampered back into the train as it started up again.

Finally, in about 10 minutes of silence the train stopped to its destination. I found myself  in an office filled with papers scattered everywhere, a large desk, chair and a skinny man with blond hair in a green suit with the name-tag that said Max Watson on it. Just like Simon had, Mr. Watson looked at his pocket watch. He said “You are exactly 13 seconds late. Therefore I will see you in court.” and Mr. Watson left the room just like that.

 Just then I fell out of my seat and into a black hole which was surprisingly pleasant or at least better than up there; I looked at the time; it wasn’t too late. I could turn this around for someone once told me “At any given moment, you have the power to say this is not how the story is going to end.”


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