Seeing Is Not Always Believing

I was there; when it was cold on the grimy and muggy day of sorrow and depression in the old town of confusion for some have been known to get lost in the maze of the labyrinth. As I crept through all of the unrecognizable twists and turns, I felt as miserable as an orphan without a heart. No one would ever know that I existed if it weren’t for him. Although his name lies in every one of our souls, we may always reject him if we please to. This happens because hardly anyone believes in themselves; only the people with enough courage for millions and not one bit of doubt possessing in their whole body. This teaches us that just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

It was a dark and depressing day when I was joyfully strolling down the sidewalk along Seneca street, December 18th, 1789 A.D.G. Unexpectedly, I stumbled onto a vicious looking vision. It had characteristics that were unexplainable, but unintriguing so I continued on my walk toward the best restaurant in town. Although as soon as I encountered the restaurant, I came upon a man with dark brown hair, wore a suite and had a very different expression compared to others. He had said that all of you had been acting like such fools for the last 1789 years. Though everyone bursted into laughter thinking he was a buffoon (which after all he wasn’t) the man gave up but said, “You may do whatever makes you happy but there is a price, for our world will end soon if you keep this.”, and then he left, and never came back.

That night, I was coming down the hall until I remembered that I left my book of logic in the sharing room so I headed back to get it until I tripped on the mesher and found another unexplainable object but it was smaller than the last.

After a couple of days seeing these objects, I realized that I was the only one noticing them and that they were from what the strange man was talking about. We don’t see any of these things because our society had changed so much that we don’t even see the real truth in the world. So if there is more to the world, where is it? This is what I wanted to prove; so I thought hard to come up with the most reasonable place someone would hide this: the labyrinth.

Sadly, I never did find the evidence but what counts is that I believed in something that wasn’t seekable for I shall never stop believing in my pledges. If you are a person who goes by the motto seeing is believing, try not to make up your mind too quickly for you have the rest of your life to decide, that is if we believe we do…


2 thoughts on “Seeing Is Not Always Believing

  1. Hey there! This is so well-written and very true. we don’t realize it but too often we take things for their face value because it’s convenient. Finding the truth in a society as ambiguous and conniving as ours is hard but so important. Thanks for sharing that and keep writing! You’re off to a good start 🙂


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